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Northampton County Council11/15/20186:30 PM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Confirmation of Appointments - r-appts.pdf
  Public Hearing on the 2018 Budget Amendment Ordina - bill741 - 2018 budget amendment.pdf
  Public Hearing on the Ordinance to Terminate the H - bill742-term higher ed authority.pdf
  Public Hearing on the Ordinance to Terminate the H - bill743-term hospital authority.pdf
  Public Hearing on the Ordinance Entitled, “AN ORDI - bill744-Comm Site Lease Agreement-CIty of Bethlehem-Demised Premises.pdf
  Public Hearing on the Ordinance Entitled, “AN ORDI - bill745-Agreement of Sale -Motorola Trunked Radio System.pdf
  Public Hearing on the Ordinance Entitled, “AN ORDI - bill746-Term of Lease and Serv Agreement with St Lukes Hospital of Gracedale Property.pdf
  Introduction of the 2019 Real Estate Tax Millage R - b-2019 millage rate.pdf
  Magisterial District Justice 03-1-04 (Zumas) - b-lease03-1-04.pdf
  Magisterial District Justice 03-2-04 (Mege) - b-lease03-2-04.pdf
  Magisterial District Justice 03-2-12 (Yetter) - b-lease03-2-12.pdf
  Consideration of Court Fees Resolution - r-courtfees.pdf
  Consideration of Personnel Requests Resolution - - r-pers req court admin juv.pdf
  Consideration of a Community Investment Partnershi - r-UCC CIPP funding.pdf
  Consideration of the 2018 City Revitalization Bloc - r-COB CRBG Funding.pdf
  Consideration of Sheriff’s Fees Resolution - r-sheriffs fees.pdf
  Consideration of the 2019 Gracedale Private Pay Ra - r-Gracedale priv pay rate.pdf
  Consideration of a Resolution Accepting a Monetary - r-gracedaledonation.pdf
  Consideration of Pennsylvania Senior Community Cen - r-aaa-sr ctr.pdf
  Consideration of a Resolution Placing the Spotted - r-lanternfly.pdf
  Consideration of Recognition of Nuclear Energy Pla - r-nuclear.pdf
  Clearwater Construction - r-Art XIII-Clearwater.pdf
  Seraphin® Test Measure - r-Article XIII-Seraphin.pdf
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