Meeting Information
Meeting TypeMeeting DateMeeting Time
General Purpose Authority (GPA)3/3/20208:15 AM
Meeting Documents
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Supporting Materials
  Approval of the Minutes - 2.0 Meeting Minutes.pdf
  Treasurers Report as of February 29, 2020 - 4.1 Treasurers Report.pdf
  Invoices for Payment - 4.2 Invoices for Payment.pdf
  2020 Invoices Paid to Date - 4.3 Invoices Paid YTD.pdf
  P-3 Special Counsel Payment Clarification Resoluti - 5.0 NCGPA Resolution 2020-02.pdf
  Benesch P-3 Status Update - 6.1 P3 Status Update.pdf
  Mediator recommendation update - 6.2 Mediator Change.pdf
  PA Ethics Statement of Financial Interest - 7.0 Statement of Financial Interest.pdf
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